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About Us

Our mission at Divine Dining Florida is to bring life back into eating. A French chef by the name of Auguste Escoffier, known as "The King of Chefs and Chef of Kings" said "good food is the foundation of genuine happiness." Our passion is to prepare healthy food that delights the eyes, makes your taste buds dance, and create a joyful experience.​

Everyone needs a little more joy in their lives. We are mindful of this whether we are creating individual meals or preparing food for a party or large function. 

Your happiness is our happiness! Don't just eat - have an experience!

Love and Laughter, 

Chef Ursula

and the Divine Dining Florida Team

Meet The Team


Chef Ursula

Executive Chef and CEO

Ursula Gatti Rafer was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and from a very early age, thanks to 4H, her family and friends, was always immersed in foodie culture. At 15 years-old, she started working in several well-known restaurants in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. She learned many styles of cooking and became an expert in French-Creole Cuisine and the food history of her native state.

In 1996, Ursula moved to Boca Raton, Florida to be closer to her father, John Gatti, Jr. In Florida, she continued to expand on her knowledge of cooking working in restaurants and culinary schools. She is certified through the National Registry of Food Safety Managers and is a member of the United States Personal Chef Association (USPCA).

In 2006, Ursula opened her all-vegan baking company, The Cupcake Chef, and in 2009 she started her personal chef/on-site catering business, Divine Dining Florida.

Ursula has shared her passion for creating edible masterpieces with thousands of students and feels that people are unnecessarily intimidated by food, so she encourages her students to experiment with spices and taste new things. By combining her love for cooking and artwork, she has created many amazing meals and desserts that aren't only delicious, but pieces of art!


Ursula has taught cooking lessons for Miele USA, Whole Foods, Publix Aprons and private team-building venues since 2010. Chef Ursula and her amazing team can’t wait to create your next epic event - the food will change your life!


Chef Christina Stathopoulos

Chef and Co-Owner

Chef Christina is a master of Greek cuisine as this is her background and has been with Divine from it’s inception in 2009. She has extensive restaurant experience, but took her love of food to a new level, becoming a partner and regular culinary teacher for Divine. She can be seen at our pop-up events, cooking classes and running the show in Chef Ursula’s absence.


Chef Emma Silverman

Sous Chef

Chef Emma joined our team in 2018. She is a talented British trained chef, who happens to be vegan, but has an extensive background in a variety of ethic cuisines and is a master of prime rib. Emma hopes to one day have her own fish n' chips truck. We’ll keep you posted on the opening!


Chef Rasheeda Wallerson

Sous Chef

Rasheeda started with Divine in 2011 as Chef Ursula’s Executive Assistant and can still be found mingling and cheffing at our corporate Green Living Events. She holds a Masters degree in Hospitality Management from Lynn University.


Chef Andrea Weisberg Karsch

Sous Chef

Andrea is a talented vegetarian chef who has been with Divine since 2013 as a member of our meal-prep and party team. Her love of clean, fresh, and whole plant-based foods is infectious. She champions our recycling and low food waste goals each year.

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